Freeview HD
If you own a larger type, well branded LCD television which has been bought in the last six months, check to see if it has DVBT2 as a specification. If so, you can now view Freesat HD by tuning to Ch. 50, 51, 52 or 53, if you are viewing on the Sandy Heath Transmitter.

Aerial installation
I am often asked – Do I need a new aerial for digital television? If your aerial installation is over 10 years old, then yes is the probable answer. This is because the Cambridge area uses the Sandy Heath transmitter which operates at the low frequency end of the UHF band. Most aerials fitted around that time were what is known as grouped, which means that they are designed to operate at just one part of the UHF band. In order to receive digital signal correctly, it is preferable to use a wide-band aerial which tunes to a much wider part of the spectrum. Although the digital signal is robust, the criteria for aerial equipment is tighter than analogue and in most cases the cable or down lead will also require replacement to ensure that the best signal is available. It also makes your system future proof. Quality equipment is essential, and the standard of cable is very important along with all connectors. Most intermittent faults are caused by bad connectors and poor cable. My advice is only use a CAI member. I am qualified and security checked and carry ID cards.

Professional advice
As with most trades and professions, there are always people who are willing to make a quick buck from others, and the aerial trade is no stranger to this.