Call Charges:
We have a minimum charge of £47.00 for any work carried out in your home. This includes minor re-tuning, set up or repair work, and covers time on site for up to one hour. If we collect an item for workshop repair, we will sometimes require a deposit of £47.00 payable in advance, which includes the estimate and re-delivery of the item to you and any diagnostic work carried out by us. This is at our discretion, payable at the time of collection. If, for any reason, we do not repair the item in question, the deposit will be forfeited to cover the costs involved in calling to you. If we carry out workshop repairs, a further labour charge (plus parts) may be payable. We will endeavour to advise you before we go ahead of the final cost of any work. All television repair work carries a six month warranty, which is limited to the actual fault repaired and parts replaced.

Aerial and satellite work:
The minimum charge above applies to aerial and satellite work. We give a one year warranty on all aerial work unless we advise you otherwise. In addition, as a full member the CAI, they will also warranty my work for a period of one year. This covers damage to aerials by wind or material defects. I do not cover storm damage such as lightning strikes or severed cables caused by third parties. Satellite repair or installation is also covered by a one year warranty. All other installation work is covered by a one year warranty, unless stated otherwise.

Interference from Mobile Broadband 4G/LTE:
Please note that Gilzean Electronics will not be held responsible under any circumstances for interference caused to aerial installations by 4G mobile services, on either new or historic installations. Requests to clear interference will in all cases be chargeable to the customer directly on completion of the job.
Remote Controls: If we repair a remote control, we offer a three month warranty. If we supply you with a new item it is covered by a one year warranty, unless damaged by the user.

Trade web site:
When operational, only authorised engineers will have access to the trade part of the website. You must be a registered business in the United Kingdom. If we choose to allow you access to this part of our site, you will be required to maintain total confidentiality over any technical information that we may pass to you. In order to be accepted, you must be a full time working professional trade’s person or business, a member of Euras International and hold wholesale trade accounts within the United Kingdom.

Ownership of Goods & Services:
All goods and services provided by Gilzean Electronics remain the property of the business until paid for in full. We reserve the right to take legal action against any person failing to pay for any service provided. This includes our call charge which is payable at the time an item is collected for service and is non-refundable. We also reserve the right to photograph our work and hold copies on file which may be used in advertising in the future. Your details are held on a secure database and cannot be accessed by anyone else. These terms may be subject to change without notice.