Bespoke Custom Installation of your own equipment

Common Problems
Thank you for visiting this page. Many small problems can be corrected easily by just a bit of helpful advice. In this section I will list the most common problems and how to solve them easily, without the need to contact an expert. If something has been working fine and all of a sudden stops performing, carry out the following checks, before calling an engineer.

If a TV stops giving a picture, or a DVD player no longer shows a picture on the screen, then try the following first:
Check to make sure that no cables have accidentally been unplugged or have become dislodged during cleaning. If you use SCART connectors, make sure the ends are pushed firmly into the socket as just a slight movement of the cable can cause the loss of operation in, for instance, a DVD player, Sky receiver or a VCR. If you have a wall connection for your aerial, check that this has not pulled out, giving a no signal fault. Often the family pet, especially Cats, can slink around the back of an installation and cause a wire to pull out.

If you use energy saving devices on your equipment, such as mains blocks that can be turned off, make sure that they are all turned on.

If you have a digital recording device, this needs to be turned on, or set up in order for your TV to receive a signal. Some new recording boxes have ECO control, which turns off the signal to the TV when it is put in standby. The result will be a loss of signal to the television.

Sky Not Working
No signal showing on a sky box can be down to several problems. First, check that the box has not locked up by turning off the mains to the box for about 10 seconds, and then switch back on again. If that does not clear the fault, then check that the feed from the dish has not become unplugged from the back of the box. Caution the braid and the inner of the coaxial cable should not short together as this can and will damage the box very quickly. Still no results? Have a quick look at the dish outside to make sure that there are no plants or other objects in the line of sight of the dish. Only check the dish physically if it is safe to do so. Please call an expert if work at height is required. If still not solved then I suggest calling in an expert to sort out the problem.

Carrying out repair work on Sky boxes or other equipment is a very skilled job, and only trained personnel with the right equipment should attempt to open the cases of any of this equipment. You could put yourself in danger of being electrocuted by not following the rules. Any person repairing a piece of equipment is required by law to carry out safety check after repair to certify that the equipment is