If you have a Menu Button on your TV or set top box, press it to bring up the on screen display. Most systems use a cursor button to highlight the chosen option you need to select the tuning menu. Then look for the Re-scan or channel search option, making sure that your aerial is plugged into the set, and then start the scan.  This will usually take between one and three minutes to complete, depending on what box you have. After this has completed the search, allow a few seconds for the new information to be stored to the sets memory. If the menu remains after scanning, there is usually an exit button which will return you to picture mode.  If all is well you will have all channels back again.

My digital TV or box did not Re-tune.

Sometimes things go wrong, and for whatever reason the equipment will not upgrade. First of all – don’t panic. Go back into the menu and see if there is a factory reset option. If there is, press it and wait until the set comes back with a new installation command. You will then be able to re-scan again, and in all honesty, it should work. If you still require more information, please click on the link shown and you will be automatically connected to the digital UK website for further advice.

Still not sure if you can do it?

I now suggest that you call a local television engineer who will know exactly what to do with your model of television, and should be able to make it work fairly quickly. Obviously a charge will apply, but this should not be expensive in most cases.  If all else fails, click the link below for further information on how to reset or re-tune your equipment.