Bespoke Custom Installation of your own equipment

I can provide expert installation of all types of electronic equipment, from a simple television on a stand, a large wall mounted LCD to a complete high definition home cinema set up. I have one huge advantage over my competitors in that I have the experience of a television engineer, and the specialist know how of a professional aerial & satellite installer. I also have the required insurance to do the work, and with around 41 years’ experience, you are in capable hands.

In addition, I carry on my vehicle large stocks of many small connectors, leads and ancillary parts required to connect your equipment together, from specialist fixings to the actual wall brackets and mounts. I also have access to local approved electricians who can carry out mains wiring to part “P” building regulations, ensuring you are safe at all times.

Planning an installation from scratch can be a nightmare. I am happy to call at your property for a small fee to discuss exactly what your requirements are and advise where possible on the best solution. I already carry out work for several local landlords, housing associations, government bodies and home owners. I also contract out my services to several local electricians, builders and architects.

Have you had a bad Installation experience?
If you have had something installed and it does not work properly, I am happy to correct the installation to your satisfaction. Just email me or give me a call.

A recent example of this was a local customer who paid for a multi-point aerial installation in their home about 4 years ago so that they could receive Sky television on all TV’s in the house, with full control in each room. This never worked, and in the end the customer gave up trying to get the firm to sort it out. I was called out to look at the possibility of getting television in a different part of the property. The customer mentioned that the system never worked. In less than two hours the fault was corrected and all televisions were tuned for both Freeview and Sky, with full control over Sky at all locations. I was then engaged to carry out the other half of the work.

Example Prices (Cambridge Area Only)

Basic television install price – Just £47.00
Television with glass stand to make up – Just £50.00
Wall mounted television using our own wall brackets – From £85.00
Large wall mounted television (brackets included) – From £105.00
Home cinema installation – From £150.00

Please Note: The above examples do not include any cables or other parts required to complete the installation, but in most cases will include wall mount fixings unless specialist mounting is required. For example: cavity walls or plasterboard fixings. Hidden cables which require burial are also subject to further charges. Where mains cables are to be installed in walls, we will contract a local approved electrician to carry out the work, subject to your acceptance.